On day one, Kim wrote about gathering slice ideas.  While driving to work, one frigid March morning, she commented on how the month-long challenge enabled her to see stories hidden everywhere, comparing her collections to a clogged swimmer’s ear, as it released a trickle of warm water.

Fast forward one week and Kim reads over her upcoming science unit, Energy Through the Senses (yawn).  She and her fourth grade class experiment with sound and conclude that sound is created by vibrations that travel through a medium, enter the ear, and then transport messages to the brain.  Her students construct paper towel-roll speakers, playing with different types of cups-styrofoam, plastic, waxed plastic…Kim plays her beloved Maroon Five’s Sugar, the class voting on which speakers pumped the tunes the loudest, clearest….

Hmmmm….a focus on the ear during the past two weeks….

Fast forward another week.  Kim meets with her new PCP, getting a quick blood pressure check, heartbeat check, and ear check.

“You may want to use some drops, said New Doctor, “it looks like your ear is a bit clogged.”

“I have the cleanest ears!  I always use q-tips.”

“Q-tips are not good. They clog the ear.”

“REALLY?” Huh.

Kim journeys to the pharmacy, picking up some saline solution for her contacts, plastic sandwich bags for the kiddos’ lunches, and some ear drops.  She makes her way home and before her tutoring gigs tries out the drops.  Flushing out her ear with warm water after the drops do their supposed thing for “several minutes (?),” Kim doesn’t notice a difference, but she does notice that her ear doesn’t feel “right” now.

Fast forward four hours.  On her way to bed, Kim tries again. Eight more drops, gentle flush, towel on pillow, “bad” ear facing down.  She wakes up, ready to go and…… completely deaf in one ear.

She thinks, Is this a joke? We just read about animal ears today and now I am completely deaf in one ear.  I guess I am today’s lesson.  Really?!


2 thoughts on “ear

  1. Ha! Love how you saw the connections and weaves them together. Slicing works!

  2. You just never know…I hope your hearing has returned and you don’t have to be the lesson for more than one day.

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