My cheaters are perched on the end of my nose. I can’t believe I have to wear cheaters to do this. In my defense, though, or in my eyes’ defense, I did have bifocals way back in third grade, so needing cheaters shouldn’t be such a surprise.  Even though they are trendy and fun and librarian-y, I still hate that I must be a minion to my them.

As I untangle each necklace from the next….a twine-chained beaded necklace with M-O-M scribbled in sharpie separates from the LET’S GO golden banner necklace, I feel a sense of calm as one frees and then another. I remember when my mom gave me the mother/daughter necklace, but move on because I don’t have the energy to be sad right this moment, and the parent who had me spell and respell my babies’ names as to get them perfect for my “jar filled with hearts necklace.”

The memories, the unwinding, the lining up and decluttering center me, preparing me for my day ahead. I wish my necklace was jumbo so I could wear them all today.

Necklaces. Who knew?

2 thoughts on “shuffle

  1. I live the line “but I move on because I don’t have the energy to be sad right this moment.” I know the feeling

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