Let’s eat

“WAIT! WHAT? It says “Let’s eat, Grandma!”

“Yes, it does. I saved Grandma’s life or she would have been eaten.” As they roll around the classroom, discarding chairs from desks, loitering, when they should have been putting away their backpacks, I change the sandwich board.  The commas are not as abundant as I would like.

“LOOK! She wrote, ‘Let’s eat, Shadiya.’ ”

“That’s kind of scary,” Shadiya comments.

“It’s not scary with the comma,”  I add.

The mayhem dies down and the sandwich board sign, you know, the one with the letters that push into the velvety cushiony back, sits under the ninety year-old windows….until the following day when the comma disappears.

“OH NO!  Please don’t eat me!” they scream, which is the perfect segue into our Grammar Saves Lives smackdown. It really does.

3 thoughts on “Let’s eat

  1. This is such a fun hook into grammar! I absolutely adore grammar, and I think my kiddos just know better than to not play along with my excitement at this point in the year. I’ll definitely have to keep this in mind!

  2. Ooh I hope you slice more about this grammar throw down! Sounds delicious!
    The dialogue you used to show us what’s behind the sandwich board idea was playful and fun. I even appreciated the velvety description of the sandwich board !

  3. This kind of lesson is so memorable! I love that they were talking about it before they even took their chairs down.

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