a cluster of one hundred and four orange freckles dot her nose, spreading under her aqua eyes

her pinky pink lips grow a little more plump as she passes 150 months

she could round the corner with flaxen, tangled hair, spilling down her back or donut-style top-knot perched atop her perfect head, my favorite cake topper

amber beads fall from her neck or click against her teeth, soothing

four nose creases pop, aqua eyes close under her dark, envy, lashes…as b talks through her giggle, my heart swells

writing, learning, baking, kicking, running, swimming, playing, dancing, listening, noticing, sketching, thanking, deciding, cheering, loving, wrapping, synching those tunes, crying, sleeping, laughing, sniffling, sneezing eighty times in a row…..








3 thoughts on “b

  1. Your luscious description of b tells me that you have spent hours watching her sleep and studying every tiny, delicious piece of her. And who can resist those little giggles.

  2. Your piece today has a really cool rhythm and style. I hope you share this with B.
    I loved reading how she talks through her giggle
    And “ in the history of history “ ,
    Might have to borrow that term of endearment.

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